Active Subscribers

Shows the active subscriptions and their start date, per account. (created: 2020-07-09)

ARR per calendar year

Shows the ARR (based on MRR in X years).

Billed revenue per account, current year

Billed revenue per account, current year: shows the total amount of invoices (exclude Draft, Deposit) generated within current fiscal year, grouped by account.

Cash Metrics per Subscription

Shows the expected cash flow per month, per subscription (created: 2020-07-15)

Current MRR (contracted/expected)

Shows the contracted and the expected MRR in one, six or twelve months, per subscription. First, review the page: (created: 2020-07-09)


Shows the absolute expansion per item, if the change is positive.

Incomplete account data for billing

Incomplete account data for billing: shows specific fields at account, that should be maintained in order to provide with correct invoices and booking details.

MRR Overview (current FY)

Shows the most common revenue KPI, including current MRR, smooth change, expansion and churn. (created: 2020-07-09)

Next invoicing time at subscription

Shows the next invoice date foreseen for each active subscription, when the date is in the previous month or the current month.

Overdue amount (>5d) per account

Overdue amount (>5d) per account: shows the open invoices, with more than 5 days overdue, grouped per account.

Subscription Metrics - Change Overview

Shows an overview of negative changes (churn) at the subscription metrics, per subscription (created: 2020-07-15)

SUM of contract vs. invoiced values

Shows net contracted and invoiced values per subscription. Notes: the field ContractValue__c must be fulfilled for each item of a subscription. More details under